Abe Jun photography exhibition “kokubyaku note”

Jun Abe photography exhibition
“kokubyaku note”

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kokubyaku note 2

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kokubyaku note 3

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Jun Abe has been photographing on the streets of Osaka since 1979. This exhibition will feature his photo book series of “Kokubyaku note(black and white note) “which were taken in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The exhibited works will be original prints that were used as manuscripts for the photo books. This will be his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 11 years. Please enjoy the photographic world of Jun Abe.

When people asked to describe my photographs, I always say something like, “I press the shutter when the sense of reality overlaps with the sense of dream reality.” I say something like this.
A dream is a dream that you have when you are asleep at night, and I feel that there is an otherness within me because it is happening in my brain but not as I would like it to. I take pictures where this otherness within me is synchronized with the otherness of the outside world.

Another thing I often talk about is that “a photograph can be viewed in many different ways, and that it is layered with shapes, textures, colors, light conditions, social meanings, relationships with the subject, etc., all in one photograph, which, when you viewed from the side, it is like building.

For example, the second floor is the floor of texture, the fifth floor is the floor of social meaning, and so on. This is seen from the sky above the roof of the building in one print. I try not to develop the work on just one floor, but to open up as many floors as I can and take photographs on them.”

Jun Abe